Why Students Only Care About Grades

Nicolas Andrade

Very often we hear our teachers say; “You kids only care about your grades”, or the cliché, “You don’t realize the opportunity you have, just to be in a school like this.” To them, I say: You are right. We only care about our grades, and yes we are really fortunate to be in a school like this. But if there is a lesson that I will never forget it is that grades, just as money in real life, are the only things that really matter.

        Yes, not breaking the rules and being nice is also important, but since I have been in eighth grade the school has encouraged me to check my grades in Powerschool. Since I have been in eighth grade, the school has encouraged me to have the best grades, to be “perfect”. They only cared about that, I was never called to Marcela’s office or to Pilar Ternera’s office to talk about life, and was never told things like; “Why don’t you do some sports, or walk in the park, or fall in love.” I was only called if I had behavior problems, or was failing a class. The school never focused on values, real values, not values that you have to buy like the Six Pillars. What happened to the beautiful slogan, “Goodness, Beauty and Truth” taken from the genius philosopher, Socrates?

        So thank you CMSFQ for turning our generation into the “perfect” one. Instead of celebrating our last-first day of school like other generations did, we went to our houses to read and complete the final touches on our summer projects. We didn’t do it because we were responsible. No, we only did it because it was money, and as anything with extreme value, we became afraid to lose it. We were afraid of starting the year with a low average. This is great because for the last four years of my life, I have only cared about my grade: “So congratulations teachers, and especially this school, because you have turned each of us into “perfect” beings.”

3 Responses to “Why Students Only Care About Grades”

  1. Andrew Sherman


    I enjoyed your commentary. I agree that we need to find spaces to engage studnets on a number of issues and not only about grades or behvaior. I would love to hear about what is going on in your life outside of these topics. By the way, your hair is great! Let it grow!


  2. julianazeller

    I totally agree with this post. Students shouldnt only care about a letter in a report card, we should care about responsabilities and what is actually important in life. This is a fantastic article.

  3. elbarriostaff

    I agree with you Nicolas! Students find no satisfaction if a grade is below A+. It is important for the school to help us grow as individuals, and in order to accomplish that we need to focus more in ourselves and less on fitting expectations of what “perfect” means.


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