Becky’s Story

Louis Gonick, Camila Guerrero, Sofia Valencia

Dear Doctor Lucho, I find myself in a great dilemma. Please help me! Here’s my story: I was having lunch with my friend, Nina, and there was this guy sitting two tables away from me. When I saw this piece of heaven, I knew that he had to be mine. The way he carried himself around –it was so different unlike any other boy I’ve seen. As he ate his sub, he winked at me and I melted inside. Oh my! As he started approaching me I felt my heart pounding harder and harder in my chest uncontrollably. It was love at first sight. He gave me his number and I gave him my heart. Everything was great at first, but then things changed radically. I began noticing that he treated me differently when he was around his friends; sometimes I felt that he was trying to hide me. He never introduced me to any of his friends nor his family, and he would rarely take me to public places. He only called me at night, so I asked him why he was doing that, because I felt like I wasn’t receiving the attention I deserved—he never gave me an answer. He doesn’t call anymore and when I do, he is so dry it seems that he doesn’t want to talk to me. However, when I ask him, he says everything is fine. I really don’t know what to do because I really love him, but sometimes I feel that my love is unrequited. Sincerely, Becky Heisig

Dear Becky, I can certainly tell that something is wrong in this relationship. I have a feeling that this guy isn’t really ready for something serious, and just approached you to play around. Commitment isn’t something everyone is comfortable with, and that kid doesn’t seem to be an exception.

DITCH HIM! Yes, I said it! You are a free woman, and no sassy boy can take you down! Now go and preach that, gurl! Now, in all seriousness, I do believe that you must do something about this. Be rational and aware that no matter how fluffy and glittery the world may seem when he is with you, he’s a human being—and quite an immature one apparently.

As cold as this may seem, thinking is the duty of the mind and not of the heart. If you feel that things aren’t working, just leave this romantic bubble you have created because apparently he isn’t willing to join you in your cotton candy dreams. Doing so right now is certainly going to be better than waiting until it pops by inertia, taking you down in the process.

Take care, Dr. Lucho

3 Responses to “Becky’s Story”

  1. cvmdigard

    I thought this was hilarious. I really like how Dr. Lucho uses a very appropriate language and how he encourages Becky to look out for herself first. I think that’s very valuable advice. Good luck!

  2. julianazeller

    Dr. Lucho is a great person to askfor help. I find this column hilarious but at the same time really funny. Its valuable advice and gives a great personality to the rest of the people.

  3. elbarriostaff

    Dr. Luchos advices is extremely funny but accurate as well. He is definitely helping Becky and even if he puts some jokes into it, he has a good point. I agree with Dr. Lucho, Becky should ditch him!


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