Ecuadorian Soccer Idol, Christian “Chucho” Benitez, Dies Unexpectadly in Qatar

Michaela Kerrigan


Twenty Seven year old Christian Benitez died on July 30, 2013. Chucho passed away unexpectedly in Doha one day after playing his first game on his new team, El Jaish.

Liszabeth Chala, Christian’s wife, explained to the press, that after dinner, the player began feeling strong abdominal pain. Concerned, they immediately went to the hospital where he was given pills to alleviate the pain. Two hours later, Christian suffered a cardiac arrest. The first autopsy conducted in Quatar proved that he had indeed died because of a heart failure. In Ecuador, Christian’s body went through a second autopsy which revealed that his death was caused by derived congenital and arterial problems. Patricio Maldonado, a doctor for Ecuador’s national team, said that sadly, this problem cannot be detected, despite new technology. Christian was the third highest scorer on Ecuador’s national team, which made him into a highly recognized player internationally. Christian’s body arrived at the Coliseo General Ruminahui. His closest friends, Carlos, Tenorio, and Particio Urrutia carried the coffin. It was later transported to the Camposanto Monteolivo where family and close friends said goodbye to him for the last time.

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