By: Camila Vasconez


Art- there are countless definitions for it. But what about describing art and reality without words? Voka does an excellent job in doing so. Voka was born in 1965, Austria. He lives and works in the Lower Austrian town of Puchberg am Schneeberg. He devised the term “Spontaneous Realism” as a trademark for his art. This man defines this style as “a revival of the significance of contemporary art, a valued tradition in a new era with a new interpretation,” reflecting today’s spirit of the time. This amazing figure in the area of fine art tends to capture immediate reality while the observer is able to palpably feel the imbedded movement. In regard to his ability to create one of his paintings in a short space of time and with great dynamic, he explained in a very simple way, “I have dealt with painting for a very, very long time in a very slowly and intensive way”.

Voka uses mediums such as oils and liquid paint in order to do outstanding portraits of famous or influential public figures throughout history and striking scenes of everyday life. He’s inspirations are the everyday events of daily life, the seemingly hidden, though omnipresent. The spontaneous realist is able to capture perfect expressions in explosions of colors. The basis of Voka’s artistic abilities is rooted in his longstanding creative challenge with the art of realism. This intimate knowledge combined with his technical skills and artistic talent enables him to react spontaneously to the unforeseen. His creative process is not the painting but rather of the colors.

Voka’s art work is currently exposed in Hengsttalweg, Puchberg Austria and a gallery in Los Angeles in USA. He’s been recognized by public figures such as Christoph Tannert, Director of Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin, and Frank Stronach, founder of Magna International. Voka achieved the highest bid in the contemporary arts category at the Im Kinsky 96th art auction in 2013 for an acrylic painting. The painting was won by Michael Kovacek at a bidding price of €40.000.

One can shop for Voka’s books (starting at approximately €40) and prints (starting at approximately €5) online. Go to http://www.voka.at/en/ to get to know more of this artist, visit his gallery, and more!

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