The Unexpected

Camila Perez

I have always wanted to get away from this place. I lived in a small town with barely 5,000 inhabitants. All of the houses had basically the same structure, which consisted of plain white walls with the windows so small; the sunlight could barely sneak inside. The gardens were not spacious, and didn’t have many flowers to brighten the simple structure of the house, although mine did. I was different from the rest of people here, and I have always felt I don’t belong here. My garden was blooming with bright colored flowers, and decorated with small ornaments to bring a little joy to the house. People thought I was weird, and I could understand why, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to get away.

One day as I was exploring the Internet, I discovered there was an island named Cassidy Island located in the Pacific Ocean, which was inhabited. Very few people knew about it. I thought I had to go there; this was my chance to see something new and start fresh. So it was done; I booked a flight for the next morning and waited for the best.  As I headed to the airport the next morning, I was nervous but excited at the same time. I boarded the plane, and the pilot announced that the duration of the flight time would be about five hours. I slept through the whole flight, just waiting for it to land. As I heard the pilot say we were going to land soon, I jumped wide awake and peeked through the window. It was so beautiful; I was ecstatic! It was just as I imagined, but better. The plane finally landed, and I exited with anticipation. The warm breeze filled my body. It felt like home.

I arrived to my hotel, and could not wait any longer to go out and explore this amazing island. I grabbed my shoes and my backpack and headed out. The crystalline water sparkled with the rays of the sun, and the warm soft sand made its way through my toes. It was paradise- the mountains and palms complimented the beach. I decided to go to the mountain, which looked mysterious yet intriguing at the same time. I was halfway there, when I saw a sign that said “Beware of” with a picture of some kind of animal, which I was not sure what it was because of the faded picture. I didn’t worry much about it, and continued to walk my way to the mountain.

Suddenly as I was walking, I heard a loud roar, not so far away. My body started filling with fear; I decided not to worry and continued walking up the steep mountain. Out of nowhere, something caught my eye; it was a massive cave. As I examined it, I heard the roar once again, this time much closer to me. I decided to go inside the cave until I could no longer hear the roaring anymore. I entered the cave. It was pitch dark, and I could feel and hear the bats flying away. I was starting to get very scared. I changed my mind and decided to leave the cave, but as I turned to the exit, I noticed a giant rock blocking it. How was this possible? I asked myself. Who did this?

Then, I heard it again- the loud roaring was not outside, it was here, inside of the cave! I knew at that moment that I was not safe. I could already sense my death approaching. I could feel something staring at me, something big, maybe huge, and as I turned around, I saw him- a giant! A huge tiger-like creature, which I believe did all the roaring. This was the end of my story, my life. The giant started to move his hand down. As he grabbed me,  I felt all the tension and pressure of his hand. Then, he suddenly dropped me, and I felt every inch of my bones crack all at once. For me I was already dead, I just wanted to die. The giant made his way to grab me again; this time I didn’t care-I just wanted him to kill me. The tiger opened his mouth and I felt how the giant threw me in the air as I descended into the tiger’s mouth. It all went dark, and I was gone.

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