The World’s Favorite Cookie (For Oreo Lovers Only)

Nicolás Pazmiño

Most of us have grown up with Oreo cookies, loving them and loving the memories, surely there are pictures of us with chocolaty remnants and milk moustaches smeared across our faces, but even though we know how much we like Oreos most of us don’t know anything about something that has brought lots of joy into our life’s… So here it is.

It all started in a small factory in New York owned by a now big company called Nabisco, when in March 6, 2012; some genius anonymous guy gave the brilliant idea of being the competition/imitation of the Hyrodoux cookie (sold Sunshine Co.).  The first ever Oreo sold was in Hoboken, New Jersey, and they were sold on tin cans with a transparent lid, originally they were sold by weight and they were at 30 cents per pound and their release name was Oreo biscuit. Over the years its name changed: in 1921 to Oreo sandwich, then in 1948 changed to Oreo crème sandwich, only to be later changed to Oreo chocolate sandwich cookie to be once again in 1952 but for the last time changed to the modern day name Oreo cookie. The name was finally established when Sam Porcello better known as Mr. Oreo the inventor of the vanilla flavored cream that separates the two crunchy cookies makes the final secret recipe.

Oreo cookie has been called “The world’s favorite cookie” for over 30 years .It got its nickname when it was publicly announced that it had been the best-selling cookie worldwide with over 100 countries selling them and with an annual income of 1.5 billion dollars having their own types and different flavors of Oreos. Starting with the double stuff introduced 1975 continuing with the fudge covered in 1987 lastly to be added the Christmas and Halloween editions in 1991. But those are just the U.S types of Oreos in countries like Argentina and China they have the banana edition and the green tea edition. I think I’m talking too much about history though, so here’s a little tip.

Eating an Oreo is both an art and a passion. It is important to appreciate the “food of the gods” and to do so you should follow these 3 simple, but life changing steps:  Twist, lick, and dunk. Let me explain in greater depth what they mean. First step (The careful one) slow and carefully twist the two crunchy chocolate parts in opposite directions in order to separate them from one another being careful enough to leave both side with equal amounts of the creamy majestic milk part or to leave one side full of it and the other without. Second step (The fun one) ones you’ve already past the dangerous task of not ruining your cookie, stick your tongue out and start licking off that tasty, rainbow flavored creamy milk. Third step (The dangerous one) after you have licked that cookie clean from cream, you’ll enter the most dangerous step, “the dunk”; this step consists on the dipping the crunchy chocolate part into the milk, It looks simple but you have to dunk the cookie the perfect amount of time into the milk in order not to make it too chewy and soft, or too crunchy, but that’s not the dangerous past, the dangerous part is letting it too much time inside the milk that when you least realize half of your cookie is already in the bottom of that white cold sea called milk… and that’s how you enjoy an Oreo.

That was a fun little history lesson I guess…

3 Responses to “The World’s Favorite Cookie (For Oreo Lovers Only)”

  1. julianazeller

    I agree with Camila. This article is really catchy and funny because you can connect easily with this cookies. I have lived with those since I was little. I really liked it

  2. czaldumbide

    Amazing article! I never stopped to think about the history of such an important aspect of my childhood. I love the topic and think it really captures the readers attention. Great job!


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