Senior Year, Not What I Expected

Senior year, that’s every child’s dream. When we are in elementary school we all look up to seniors and they seem like gods to us. Their lives look so great and full of fun. They seem to have everything figured out. I mean, there is nothing cooler than saying you are a senior, right? Seniors have always been conceived as the kings and queens of school; they are the ones who have gone through all the experiences, the ones that know what life is about, the ones that are always right. At least that’s what I thought before becoming a senior myself.

As a middle schooler, I thought of senior year as the easiest of all. I think it was fair for me to have thought that because seniors seemed so relaxed; they didn’t seem to be struggling with school, or their grades, or college applications.  They were just… seniors.  Their only worries were what color dress to wear to their next party. Omg! And they partied… they didn’t seem to have any other responsibilities but planning their next party. Who wouldn’t want to be a senior? There was nothing better; I wanted time to go flying by so I could get to my last year in high school. And that wasn’t even the best part- after being a senior; you graduate and finally leave school. I mean, you get to escape this purgatory. What else can you ask from life?

My first month as a senior was a huge, colossal, monumental slap on my face.  Homework loads were given to me even on the first day of school! Since when do you have homework your first day of school? That wasn’t fair at all! Stress became my new best friend, between AP classes, college applications, yearbook letters and pictures. I feel like I don’t have one second to breathe- like gosh this wasn’t supposed to be this hard! Oh yeah, and the part about the parties, was just a big epic fail for me. I mean we had some good parties, but most of them were just depressingly disappointing. But the worst part is the incredibly intense, self-consuming fear that fills you.  By the time you get to senior year, you start to realize that you are about to begin your life and that many things are going to change. You are going to have life-changing decisions like what career you want to study, or what university you want to go to. You are about to say goodbye to the people you grew up with and to the people you lived the best and worst moments of your life.

Being a senior makes you realize that life is not what you expected it to be. Nothing is always flowery and sunny. Everything is going to have hard parts and sad parts. Senior year is the ending of one of your life stages and, like everything in life; it is really hard to become detached from it.  You realize how much you love your friends and how much you are going to miss them. You realize it is not going to be so pleasant to leave school and your friends. You finally realize that school isn’t that bad and that you are probably going to miss it a lot. Senior year makes you find your identity and makes you grow as a person. It prepares you for life. Time flew by as I wanted it to and now that I want to stop it, I can’t. Therefore, I am going to do the only thing that I have left;  enjoy every single second that I have left of school.

By: Sofia Valencia

4 Responses to “Senior Year, Not What I Expected”

  1. camiguerrero

    As a senior I totally agree with Sofia. She is very explicit about her arguments. in conclusion this article is really well writen

  2. cvmdigard

    Senior year is the year when one gets to say goodbye to long time friends. Yes, you have applications to do, more responsibilities to attend to and more work to take care of. However I do believe once you’re gone, some of the best memories you’ll have is of your senior year and the amazing people you shared it with.

  3. Louis

    I strongly agree with your opinion. Us seniors expected this year to be very fun and inspirational to some degree, but it wasn’t any of that. The workload has been very high and I feel overwhelmed a lot of times, especially since I must also do extra work for my applications. Yes, my senior year is supposed to give me a taste of what college and real life is, but I do think that this school can assign quite heavy loads of homework to students.


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