” Examanes de Grado” – Standarized Testing

“. . . los exámenes nacionales estandarizados para la obtención del titulo de bachiller serán los exámenes de grado, obligatorios y electivos, como requisito para la graduación de los estudiantes de tercer año de bachillerato.”

“. . . Standardized national exams to obtain the bachelor’s degree level exams are mandatory and elective, as a requirement for graduation of students from third year of high school. ”

When Colegio Menor started this in August, seniors were blown away with this huge news.   The school administration found out that it was a requirement for all seniors to take standardized tests provided by the ministry of education to be able to graduate. The tests include basic courses students have been taking through all six years of high school. This includes math, science, history, and Spanish. The seniors have been struggling to   resist the stress that comes with this exam. The seniors imagined themselves shining and having fun with their classmates during senior year, however it is difficult in the shadow of this ominous exam. What seems to be troubling the seniors the most is that in Colegio Menor all classes are taught in Spanish, except language or literature class, and the standardized tests are in Spanish….does that make sense?, So everyone is still trying to figure out how the seniors are going to learn so much material in a different language and with so little time. One of the rules that the Ministry of Education is really trying to wrap seniors’  heads around, is that in each exam students have to get a score of seven or higher to be able to pass that course or get a high school diploma. There is no way to know for sure what is going to happen, but El Barrio will keep you in touch.  Seniors… good luck.


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