Tattoos: A Useless Mark or a Beautiful Statement?

By: Camila Vásconez


14 % of Americans have at least one tattoo (Pew Research Center, 2013). Some are mesmerizing and creative, some are abstract, and others are quite strange. Some find them unappealing or even grotesque at times. However, these images become a part of that person. Are these images art? believe a tattoo without a story is meaningless, but when it does have true significance, it’s one of the most beautiful and personal ways of expression. Whether someone’s reason to get a tattoo is because of a lack of social life, boredom, the influence of psychotropic substances, a tribute to a demised rock star, a desire to look sexier or purely the opportunity to express one’s beliefs or experiences, the question will always remain: are tattoos really a work of art?

Without a doubt, tattoos have revolutionized man’s ability to express a feeling or experience and demonstrate one’s personality. This is often an “act of rebellion” and since tattoos are often eye catching,  one should be prepared to have outsider’s eye set on them. The emptiness we can visualize on our bodies and our impulsive minds often play a part in the decision of getting a tattoo, but when this decision comes from deep within, there’s a transformation in what might be a beautiful reality. It becomes a graceful mark with a story behind it. After all, if you don’t possess enough confidence to take pride in your tattoo, why make it a permanent stain on your body? Tattoos should be a well evaluated and though out decision, so that you do not regret it in the future. It’s not supposed come to life from impulsiveness. That’s just a useless mark you’ll deal with every day.

When a tattoo has a back-story, an adventure or experience, or sense of attachment, it makes the life of the happening that inspired the tattoo more meaningful. Then, one can rely on a permanent reminder of a vital aspect of their life.  43% of the people that have tattoos consider personal meaning the most important factor to getting a tattoo. 49% base themselves on the reputation of a tattoo artist or studio, and 8% consider price as the most important factor (Pew Research Center, 2013). Let your body be a canvas of expression, or don’t. But if you do, passion, true meaning, and a prolonged desire of satisfaction and reassurance is advised.

4 Responses to “Tattoos: A Useless Mark or a Beautiful Statement?”

  1. sofiapsyc

    Tattoos are something that you should think a lot before getting. Getting a permanent mark in your body without any significance can be really dangerous because you can regret that decision for a very long time. It is true that tattoos can be a work of art and an incredible way of expressing one’s feelings but they shouldn’t be taken without seriousness.
    Sofia Valencia

  2. camilahaldemann

    This article is very well thought, and it really gives the reader and idea about tattoos and why most people decide to stain their bodies with them. It leaves the reader thinking about the severity of tattoos.

  3. Juan Ignacio Pazmiño

    Very cool article. I like the way it offers different points of view on how tattoos may have different meanings to people. I personally believe that tattoos are works of art, and as works of art they need a meaning. Like a painter in its canvass, a tattooer must have something to express, and it must be done like a masterpiece since in this case the canvas is the morality of a person.

  4. elbarriostaff

    I really like this article because it shows all perspectives on tatoos. I agree that they look quite beautiful. Your body is a canvas and it conserves a piece of art that will accompany you forever. However, this rather poetic approach can also become a burden. The fact that tattoos are permanent can be quite dangerous. You never know if you´ll think the same way in 20 years I don´t even know what Ill be doing tomorrow. This is why deciding to get a tattoo needs to be extremley well thought.

    Valentina Pozo


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