The effects of Photoshop

In this week`s Photojournalism section, I would like to explore the magic and influence of Photoshop on body images.


Perfect women, with porcelain skin, shiny hair and a perfect smile are plastered on the front page of every magazine. These women are the role models of teenage girls all around the world, who have created their own definition of beauty. Girls look up to these magazines models and compare themselves to them because they have been taught by media and by society, that people will admire them if they meet these standards. It is sad and frustrating to realize that perfection is generally the product of Photoshop. So, the models with ideal physical beauty are not actually true. While famous women pose their bodies or faces and let the magic begin, teenagers are letting themselves starve, or getting surgeries in order to look as similar as possible to these unrealistic beautiful human beings.

According to the National Eating Disorders Association, 42% of first grade girls want to lose weight, and 81% of 10 year olds are afraid of being fat. According to a study made by Pediatrics two thirds of girls in between the 5th and 12th grade said that magazines influence their vision of what an ideal body looks like.  According to Teen magazine, 35% of girls in 6th to 12th grade have been on diet, and 50 to 70% of normal-weight girls think they are overweight. All of the statistics above are extremely astonishing since the ideal perfect body is so unnatural that computer programs are the ones needed to create them.

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By: Michaela Kerrigan

6 Responses to “The effects of Photoshop”

  1. sofiapsyc

    This article is really true and shocking. The effects that photoshop have on society are incredible. It is really sad that girls are starving themselves and growing with a lot of insecurities just because they are trying to fit into this fake world that photoshops creates.
    Sofia Valencia

  2. cvmdigard

    I agree, I believe media portrays women in a very erroneous and unrealistic way. As technology advances, digital photography manipulation is easier by the day. It’s unbelievable how a banal picture can be converted into a wonderful fantasy world or anything withing the mind. These are surely inspiring and innovating techniques, but at the same time, society is declining significantly in terms of their visions of beauty, their goals, and expectations on the rest of the world. It’s truly sad how not only youth, but also grown ups are constantly being fooled by what true beauty is. Nice work.

  3. julianazeller

    This article touches base in an important topic that everyone should be aware of. The photoshop can change peoples lives in one second. You see models and perfect people in magazines trying to be role models to people, but humans that are viewers of these lies don’t actually see the real truth of what is going on behind those cameras. Everything is removed, coloured, and put so that plate of food, that model, or even those objects look as something worthy to follow or use. Girls specially should read this article and understand how everyone is unique in their own way, and there is no point on having role models which are not even known to you and can’t give you the correct advice and how and why to look a certain way.
    By: Juliana Zeller

  4. camilahaldemann

    This article shocked me very much and truly opened my eyes toward the effects that Photoshop is posing in society especially in young girls. Photoshop creates false images that people use to compare themselves to. It transforms beautiful women and men into perfect ones, giving people the desire to look perfect.

  5. louisgonick

    This is an insightful piece that shines light on the issue that troubles many females face during their lives. I appreciate how you provide with statistics and figures on this important issue.

  6. elbarriostaff

    Wonderful article! It is impacting how media and technology are affecting the perception of people regarding major themes such as beauty and image. I was shocked by the statistics and nostalgic to know that so many people, especially girls are being severely affected by the public image of celebrities. The media should portray people looking closer to their reality than to a perfection that is almost unachievable.
    by: Cristina Zaldumbide


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