Pharrell Williams´s G I R L


Written By Nicolas Andrade
Beginning with the song “Marilyn Monroe”, Pharrell Williams´s new album, GIRL has soft strings and electronic beats that make his new project, unique. Through his entire new album, Pharrell Williams employs a beautiful violin quartet that makes all of his songs irresistible to the ear. The genius also uses his smooth tone and fantastic voice to create an acapela intro in his song “Brand New”, a style that only this artist has used and is brand new in pop culture. Many of his songs have a futuristic sound that is related to the music from the 80´s. That electronic synth and guitar rhythm present in “Gush” and “Hunter”, is the essence of the sound of many artists like Nile Rogers. This suggests that the album GIRL was influenced greatly by his previous role in Daft Punk´s Random Access Memories. The album also hosts a song where Daft Punk collaborates with Pharrell Williams named, Gust Of Wind. Gust Of Wind begins with the violin quartet going up and down the scale, then the French Duo enters with their signature robotic voices, making this song incredibly catchy and addictive. The album also has collaborations from Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake and Alicia Keys. The album was advertise by Pharrell Williams´ single “Happy”, which appeared in “Despicable Me 2”, and was the first song to have a video of 24 hours ( In overall the brilliant Pharell Williams, did a remarkable project with the participation of great artist, and did a great job advertising himself, be happy Pharell Williams, you nailed it.


2 Responses to “Pharrell Williams´s G I R L”

  1. michaelakerrigan

    I found this article very interesting. I knew who Pharrell was, but I had no idea of the new album “Girl”. The article described the album in a very professional way which made me want to hear its music right away. Good Job!

  2. Sebastian Flores

    I really loved this article, because it captures almost exactly the essence of what Pharrel Williams is trying to achieve with his new styles in the electro-pop genre. I liked this article specially because it did not only have the description of the styles he uses, but also the song were those styles are uses.


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