Book Review: Before I Die– by Jenny Downham

Book Review:Before_i_die_cover

Before I Die– by Jenny Downham

By: Camila Guerrero

Before I die is about a sixteen year old girl who’s dying from Leukemia. She’s made up a list of ten things she wants to do before she dies. In the process of doing all of these things she finds out that doing the things on her list isn’t going to be easy at all, she also realizes that all the little things are what’s important: hugging your best friend, talking to your brother, holding your father’s hand. These are what make life special, and you only realize just how special they are when you know you won’t have them for much longer.

This book is amazing. I haven’t read a single book that has affected me as much as this book did. I know this is going t sound weird but this book was perfect, in a horrible, devastating way. Everything felt so real from the characters to the emotions and especially everything Tessa goes through to get her list done. Before I read this book cancer wasn’t a huge thing to me, I mean I have never had somebody that suffered from this and I never understood how painful it is. This disease not only affects the person that has the disease but all the people that surround him/her. But then I read Before I Die.

I wasn’t prepared for all the emotions in it. When I found myself in the last pages I could barely see through all my tears. All I want to know is how Jenny Downham managed to make her writing so authentic and realistic. Before I die is not only a sad book Tessa even through the frustration, she has a great sense of humor and she makes you laugh a lot. Tessa’s demonstrates how she will never loose hope, and that she will stay brave and full of life and she never felt sorry for herself. When I saw what kind of girl she is I wanted her to be ok, I was hoping for anything to happen, anything that would make her ok.

I really recommend this film. This book is the perfect combination of humor and heartbreaking drama. The best thing of all this is that now Before I Die has come out as a film that is called Now Is Good. So if you have time I really recommend to read this book or at least watch the movie. Both are awesome.



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