New Aesthetics in Our Present World

By: Camila Vásconez

            Art can brilliantly fool us. There’s beauty all around, and it’s a human’s responsibility to handle it and manipulate it as desired. Photography and mixed media have revolutionized the way the world of aesthetics functions, allowing imagination and creativity to build up and be present in a way our own eyes can be fooled into a misunderstood reality.

Photography: a portal into fantasy. Perfection and dream-like visions are some of the limits to photography, and through it, you can renovate art. Photoshop has the ability to fool and raise a sense of doubt to humanity, as it provides a new perspective to our daily scenery. A picture is able to transform completely; one could have a picture with a plain set of people and a boring surrounding, and transform it into that of angelic beings, with porcelain skin and perfectly symmetric features in a fantasy world… Through Photoshop, the way we view our world has also changed, for any picture, whether vintage or modern can be modified, opening an immense path for humorous and unimaginable possibilities. For example, many of the pictures of nature we see today may seem too perfect.

“Today, the digital revolution in photography results in a natural scenery that never looked so alive, vibrant and luminous, even transcendent (…) Nature photography today, with the added benefits of  Adobe’s Photoshop, seems to revel in a hyper ‘grandeurism’ (Chianese, 2014, p. 64).”


Moreover, in the world of advertising, it too has positively pushed the limits of the aesthetic world. By providing innovating and interesting ads, an institution’s image can be promoted and endorsed. This technological method has the power to transform a banal reality into anything the mind can come up with.

Mix media: a gateway into diversity. Mixed media is yet another way to go when exploring art and creativity. Here, the traditional sense of making art fades in a way that the combination of visual arts becomes present. An artist is able to bend the rules of traditional “high arts” such as painting and sculpture however they might choose to do so. Not only does this apply to the 2D world of aesthetics, but also to its third dimension. Moreover, like any artistic endeavor, mixed media art comes in many different forms such as collages, greeting cards, artist trading cards (miniature works of art), sculpture, painting, and altered books (a modification and change in the physical appearance of a book).  By mixing the different types of media into one single work of art, an artist is able portray a more powerful and abstract statement, or simply play with the way the world views the everyday aesthetic industry.

As art advances and transcends, so does imagination an innovation. Both photography’s Photoshop and mix media are artistic methods that allow someone to manipulate and alter the traditional world of aesthetics, adapting it to the desires and expectations of one’s self. They have impacted technology significantly as new forms of art emerge and advance, changing the way we see and live our lives on a daily basis.


Chianese, R. L. (2014, February). Student Research Center (EBSCOhost). Retrieved March 13, 2013, from American Scientist:

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