Instructions Not Included Movie Review



By: Camila Guerrero


Instructions Not Included is a movie that is a lot more than it seems to be. Eugenio Derbez’s is the director of the film as well as the main role, Valentin. Valentin is a playboy living in Acapulco. We can see this when he has a different woman in his bed every night. Then one day, one of his “conquest” Julie( played by Jessica Lindsey) shows up in his apartment with a baby that she claims is his. While Valentin is confused, she asks for money to pay her cab but never returns.

The days of being a player are over!  Suddenly, Valentin is now a single father and clueless about how this works. He takes his supposed daughter, Maggie, that is (Loreto Peralta), to Los Angeles to look for Julie. He’s planning to pull a similar act and leave Maggie with her mom, Valentin leaves Maggie unattended while he looks for Julie. And because of this Valentin ends up jumping out of a hotel into the pool 10 stories below, rescuing his daughter. A movie director witnesses this event and hires Valentín as a stuntman which Valentín has no other choice but to accept since it would be the only way he can maintain his daughter. Staying in LA for six years.

Even though he is afraid of just about everything that comes with the job he takes the job as a stuntman. His devotion to Maggie grows so complete that he spoils her so much that their living room ends up looking like a toy store. Even though Maggie´s mom leaves them, Valentin tries to keep her mother alive for Maggie by a series of letters he writes, pretending that is Julie who is writing them. They involve a fantasy life; Maggie begins to have trouble distinguishing between Valentin’s wild tales and real life. This is mostly laughs, though there are consequences to his way of parenting.

Suddenly, one day Julie steps back into the picture. Because of this, the movie takes a dramatic turn and at this point it becomes completely serious. Julie is trying to be part of Maggie’s life and ends up wanting to take Maggie away from Valentin. They even go to court. The end of the movie is completely unexpected but if you want to know how it ends you’ll have to watch it for yourself!

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