New experiences


Experiencing something for the first time can be very confusing. However, some people love this feeling and look forward to having new experiences, while others prefer to stay in their comfort zone, where they are familiar with the environment and can be in control. In the picture above, the small boy, Harold Whitters has a confused and surprised facial expression; this is due to the fact that this picture was taken the exact moment when he could hear for the first time in his life. Harold Whittles was born deaf; however that day he was given a hearing aid, which allowed him to listen to the world for the first time.  This picture was taken by his doctor, Jack Bradley, and according to various sources, the first sound he heard was his Bradley’s footsteps, and the first voice he heard was his mother’s. I cannot understand how he must have felt, but I do know that it probably was shocking for him. Before that moment, he had never heard anything, and only relied on his other four senses to connect with others. Perhaps his sight was sharper because he had to notice every detail in each individual’s facial expression and try to understand what they meant by it. From that moment on, he could hear noises, but he probably did not know what they signified.  I think this picture is impressive because it makes viewers reflect on what they have.  People normally do not acknowledge how remarkably fortunate they are. However, they still want more and more even though we already have a lot. This boy’s dream most likely was being able to hear, while most of the people who can hear do not even notice the magnitude and significance of this seemingly small gift. This boy’s life changed. From now on, he can have a favorite song, hate a music genre and hear his teacher’s voice. Being alive is a miracle, and if apart you have a healthy condition, then you are someone privileged.  

By: Camila Haldemann

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