Paul Mccartney in Ecuador

Paul McCartney in Ecuador

PAUL_McCARTNEY[1]Paul McCartney, one of the integrates of the Beatles will be performing in a big spectacular show in Ecuador… This English artist will arrive in Quito-Ecuador the 28th of April, and will be performing on Liga´s stadium. It is a privilege and a great opportunity that Ecuador will receive such a music icon. This will definitely allow the country to highlight tourism here in Ecuador, and expand its musical industry.  I think this will particularly unite Ecuadorian citizens as well. Everyone is anxiously waiting to buy their tickets and starting to re-listen to Beatles classics in order to get reacquainted with songs lyrics. Liga´s stadium (were Paul McCartney will be performing) is  medium sized stadium were usually the famous ‘Liga” team plays all of its tournaments. But rumors say that the soccer field will be completely transformed by lights, instruments, and rhythm.

It is so incredible to see how Ecuador is growing its entertainment industry. It seems unlikely that a legend like Paul McCartney would step foot in Latin America, and now Ecuador of all places is hosting such a legend. It is sufficient to say that Ecuador is finding success in its effort to place itself on the world entertainment stage. Ecuador is growing and these famous guests are bringing increased tourism and putting Ecuador on the map. We started with the fantastic Elton John coming for san Valentines Day, and now Paul McCartney. What’s going to be next, another legend? We sure hope so!

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By: Juliana Zeller


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