Quito 2023 Opened Last Month, Still Dazzles Movegoers

Louis Gonick

Quito 2023, an Ecuadorian science fiction film set in post-apocalyptic Quito, is very promising. One of the first movies premiered this year, its ambition and innovative theme makes it the first of its kind in Ecuador. Local viewers and critics have been dazzled by its state-of-the-art photography, and many commend the team on how much was achieved with such a miniscule budget. The film´s plot is about a futuristic Quito that has succumbed to a dictatorial regime that walls the city separating friends, family and the country itself.


Production began in 2009, according to producer Lorena Caicedo and directors Juan Fernando Moscoso and Cesar Izurieta. “Our goal was to look towards the future, looking at the cyclical successions of history and reflect on what is the worst that could happen if things continued getting worse,” commented Moscoso on the film’s conception. Izurieta, on the other hand, argues that his main goal was to produce something of innovative and of great quality with a minuscule budget of $100,000. He claims that as time passed, the project kept getting bigger and bigger.


Filming only took 12 days during the month February of in 2011. The locations chosen were the old Circulo Militar and the Museo Interactivo de Ciencia. The cast was composed of eight actors and ten extras. According to the directors, the plot of the film is centered on the last days before the revolution and ousting of General Ponce, Ecuador’s Dictator. At one point, the characters aren’t sure if their plans to change the country will be successful, and critics agree that this is symbolic of our country’s constant political indecision.


Juan Jose Freire from Visor de Cine argues that Izurieta’s and Moscoso’s work is arguably one of the finest contemporary Ecuadorian movies cinema has seen. Freire praises the movies´ end and claims it leaves the audience with a “knot in our throats” and applauds the social commentary made in the film.


If you’ve watched the film, please share your thoughts below!

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