This article was great. I saw the documentary “Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God” a while ago and I remember all that happened with father Murphy. It was terrible how the deaf children weren’t able to speak up. This article, despite being strongly opinionated, shows a reality which people should take conscience on. I think the picture is very representative, as the hand holds the man by the neck, as the man sheds tears. Also, the cross on the left shows how this is involved with religion. I like this opinion article because it takes a stand for injustice in a very controversial topic. There are few syntax errors, but it is still easy to read along without getting lost. I like the rhetorical questions you include. They’re strong and make the reader really wonder about how the Vatican and religious entities are protecting hideous crimes. I think the ending was very impressive. It gives great closure to what you want to say through your article.