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Everyone knows Colegio Menor is a school that has dedicated itself to developing the artistic expression of students. Innumerable adolescents have graduated from Menor ready to have an exceptional career in art. Murals decorate the school walls and several courses are designed to educate students about historical and contemporary art.

We all have our own perception, definition, or concept of art. I believe that just hearing other people’s concept’s of art helps you find one for yourself. I also consider that seeing other people’s works of art can be a drive and an inspiration for us to produce our own. So here are a few pieces that mark Colegio Menor and some of it’s student’s opinions.


Salome Coronel:


Art is a way of expression. It is a way of communication for those who believe words aren’t enough. Art is the fusion of colors and lines creating a message some might understand and others will not.


Daniela Arcos:


Art is showing emotions and feelings through words, colors, movements, sound and images. It is an unconventional way of expressing what one has to say.


Lina Beron:

Art is the portrait of the soul and the closest synonym for this activity is the truth, because there is no work to lie. Although art is an individual process, has another purpose; not created for testing whether what you see, but rather that you manage others to see.


Carolina Gabela:

Art is how we express our deepest nature and share it with the world trying to satisfy our need to be understood.


Domenica Ordonez:

I once read art is like breathing. If you don’t breathe you just die. I agree.


Rafaela Iturralde:

When I think of the concept of art I automatically think in perspective. For me art is a way to show your own perspective of life while portraying your thoughts and values.


Ignacio Iturralde:


Art to me is the ability of anybody to expose a piece of their mind, heart and life without making others indifferent to it. Art is everything that allows people to find a meaning in them.


Daniela Moreira:

Art is expressing feelings without the use of words. It is a way of sharing your thoughts without using words.


Valentina Pozo:


For me, art is taking something inside of you, and using your hands to make it concrete and even beautiful. Everyone is different, and art is transforming that innovation that is inside of us and showing it to the world. There is no better pride than creation. A lot of people say that they are horrible drawers or sculptors or just bad artists in general. But that is the beauty of art you can never go wrong. As you can see, everyone has their own definition of art, so who are you to say your art is right or wrong? Take a chance and try to create something, the feeling that comes afterward is priceless.


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