Mac Demarco

S A L A D           D A Y S

Written By Nicolas Andrade

Vernor Winfield McBriare Smith IV (Mac Demarco), one of the most controversial musicians in the realm of indie rock music has released a new album titled: “Salad Days”. In his latest interview with Pitchfork (http://pitchfork.com/features/cover-story/reader/mac-demarco/), Demarco stated “Perfectionist? That’s not something I am. @#$% that.” His reaction demonstrates his work; his songs come natural, are jovial and groovy. But his most noteworthy characteristic, is his “I don’t give a @#$%” approach to life and his music.




In his previous albums, Demarco played songs with ridiculous concepts, such as his love to a brand of cigarettes – “Ode to Viceroy”. He also plays a lot with his guitar in his previous album “2”, and most of his songs involved a guitar solo, which are chill and lively. The concepts touched in “2” are somehow trivial, like his mom cooking up something good, or how he freaks the neighborhood.

In his new album, Mac DeMarco goes deeper with the message his songs convey. Demarco’s “Salad Days” has a more personal attachment to the artists, it includes three songs that DeMarco calls “The Kiera songs” which are songs related to his relationship with his girlfriend Kiera McNally.

Mac DeMarco – Let My Baby Stay

I was made to love her, been working at it

Half of my life, I’ve been an addict


And she’s been good to me

Far as I can tell she’s happy, livin’ with her Macky


The truth is that Mac Demarco puts aside his childish games and gets mature with some topics

. He faces some inner conflicts regarding his family, his fear of aging, and his need to have some time alone to reflect. Mac IV plays more with the keyboard in this album. DeMarco’s “Chamber of Reflections” sounds exactly to Gorillaz, the keyboard effects and the voice of Mac makes this song extremely similar to many songs of Gorillaz’s “Plastic Beach”.

The new album sounds similar to “2” but the songs are different, more personal, and some new instruments are played in “Salad Days”. In overall a hyped powerful album by Vernor Winfield McBriare Smith IV, whose last stanza of the album was for the fans: “Hi guys this is Mac, thank you for joining me, bye bye.”

5 Responses to “S A L A D D A Y S”

  1. sofiapsyc

    This article reflects on the complexity of a person and how they can have different facets. It is written in a very well-defined style that uses a relaxed and friendly tone. It is interesting to see the different sides that a person can have. We go from having a free-spirited musician whose music was not profound to having a thoughtful musician that now makes music that is personal and deep. However, the most important thing is that this artist show his different sides but he does not change his essence. The descriptions used in this article make me want to go listen to Mac Demarco. Overall a really good article, Congratulations for your good work.
    F: Sofia Valencia

  2. camilahaldemann

    This article is very interesting because it shows me a different perspective and approach towards music. Mac Demarco takes his life and society very lighty, but he takes his music very seriously. Demarco portrays his conflicts and doubts in music, showing the world who he is.

  3. elbarriostaff

    Starting with what De Marco said about perfectionism was able to capture me instantly. We usually hear artists talking about how hard they work so that everything is perfect; but creating something out of pure spirit and moment is also an art. This article does an excellent job in making the reader want to sit down and hear the music. It even goes further and makes you want to investigate the artist. Excellent work!

  4. elbarriostaff

    Unlike many articles, Salad Days covers a series of unique and controversial topics in contemporary music. Mac Demarco is one a the few new artists who has succeeded to mark a difference between his style, and the rest. Despite the fact that Demarco can have many identities, he stays true to his essence. It is clear that he is not affected by society or the world itself, but rather he is mostly influenced by his music. This article is very well written and includes many visual aids that enhance the importance of Demarco’s style.

    By: Maria Clara Cobo

  5. elbarriostaff

    Great introduction to describing the album Salad Days. The description of Mac De Marco perfectly envisions his character and the way he is. We can get that apart from being a great musician, he is a character in his way of being. His songs are unusual and most of the times detached from any real feeling, but by describing his new album as spiritual, you get to make the reader engaged to hear his album. Great work.


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