Have you ever thought about what would happen if Facebook disappeared from        the Internet? Would you see people roaming the streets shoving pictures in peoples faces screaming “Do you like this?! DO YOU?!”? Would you be relieved or would you be devastated? Would we see people screaming at the top of their lungs in the middle of a public place “Got accepted to UM- feeling exited!”? How much of your real life would cease to exist if your virtual life ceased to exist?

Since the day Facebook appeared we’ve become completely dependent and obsessed with it. We read our Facebook notifications and newsfeeds like it’s the morning newspaper, we update statuses or links more than once a day, and we only remember people’s birthdays because Facebook does the easy task of reminding it to you. Facebook has even changed the way we interact with people in a daily basis, it has come to the point that talking to people in real life becomes awkward to some and even more some can’t even remember life before Facebook. But not only has Facebook done wrong things take in count that with out this social networking we could simply not maintain does long distance relationship or catch up and make contact with some old friend or family member in such an easy way. So again the question up rises, if Facebook shuts down would there be a massive outcry or would it be a gentle blink to the real world for the first time in years?

I guess that in order to answer this enigma, we have to balance both pros and cons.

Lets start with the pros:

  • People might actually start talking to each other again in a personal face-to-face manner.
  • There may finally be a need to take your own photos again.
  • People would have to ask you how your day is instead of checking your profile for the answer.
  • Being poked by strangers would be abnormal and weird again.
  • There would be an end on Farmville and all does annoying game request.
  • People you care about will actually remember you birthday.
  • Friendships would be more than a “friend request”- Accept or decline, therefore being more meaningful.
  • No more dangers of being kidnapped, raped, etc. by easy access of your information
  • More time for productive work.

Now lets see the cons:

  • Planning an event would become a chore again
  • Spam emails of people sharing links
  • No memories of you in such and such place, or party, etc.
  • It will be much harder to remember birthdays of the people you care.
  • Facebook is one of the best ways to organize photos and memories.
  • No more embarrassing pictures or ridiculous posts from your friends that’ll make you laugh
  • It is a really easy way to advertise products, companies, etc.
  • Getting in contact with old friends much harder
  • Catching up with someone much harder.

So if Facebook were to shut down what would happen? We also have to ask our self’s a much deeper question is Facebook able to shut down, well yes Zuckerberg is always able to just pull the plug but is it so big that by doing that would it create a certain caos, and the question still and will always be there until the day comes what would happen?

In my own opinion… Change, and that’s a good thing.


-Nicolas Pazmiño


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