Lydia’s dilemma

Dear Dr. Love,

I´ve never been so confused in my whole life. I´ve been talking to this guy that I totally like he´s sweet, nice and he has made me feel things that I’ve never felt before. However, when he asks me out there is something that doesn´t feel right and I have come to the realization that I don´t really want to go out with him. Therefore, I always come up with excuses.  When I understood this I started wondering if I really did like him or if I only liked the way he made me feel about myself. I actually haven´t answered this question yet. And then, there´s this other guy that I have liked since forever and I thought I had finally gotten over him but now every time I see him my heart quivers, my blood rushes and my breathing stops.  It feels like nothing else matters when I see him, it is like the world stops and everything is so perfect. This is a feeling that I haven´t felt with the other guy, I mean he is nice but he doesn´t give me butterflies.  On the other hand, there is another colossal problem and it is that the guy that makes my heart stop is now in love with someone else.  I really don´t know what to do! Should I go with the nice guy that cares about me and is available or should I follow my heart and try to fight for the other guy? Please help me Dr. Love!



Dear Lydia,
I really don´t think you romantically like the nice guy. Maybe he is not right for you or maybe you are just not ready for him.  Regarding the other guy I think you should try to get over him. I mean, he´s clearly not available and you wouldn´t want to destroy a relationship purely for your benefit. You should be the bigger person here. Take some time off romance; try to find who you really are and what it is that you like. Take some space from guys, you don´t need them girl! I bet you can be perfectly happy and take all that tiring drama away from your life if you just separate from boys for a while. There is no rush! I am sure you will find the perfect guy for you when the right time comes. 
Love will find its way,
Dr. Love

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