Refuge By: Valentina Pozo


We are starting to see the precursors of the world designed by H.G Wells in his novel The Time Machine –a world where technology was so advanced, humans lost the need for doing anything for themselves. Even thinking became unnecessary .I decided to make a painting based on my own interpretation of Wells’ novel.  I believe he feared that people would become useless on account of technology. I also wanted to situate this concern in our present climate. People are much more comfortable socializing through the Internet, letting a machine do their work, or letting technology make their lunch in 30 seconds. We are falling under a dissociated state, which withdraws us from others. I wanted the shell and character to evoke the same feeling of security, but I also wanted to show how this conformity is becoming a threat.             

This piece reflects a state of disconnection through technology. It represents how humans have shaped their own dependency on machines, to a point where we have distanced ourselves from the outside world. The fact that the man is in a fetal position and nude adds to the sense of isolation given by the shell. He lies in a bed of computer chips and is even attached to them.  The gloves symbolize how this detachment has fragmented relationships. Outsiders can only have contact or show affection through a medium, and this contact is not even real; it is plastic. Likewise, the person loses the ability to give sincere affection. The shells in the back, add to the idea of a whole new world and represent the control technology is exercising on each individual. They all hang suspended in their own realm, paralyzed. He is afraid to set himself on the floor and confront the reality that lies outside.

2 Responses to “Refuge By: Valentina Pozo”

  1. elbarriostaff

    Very intriguing article! I find the topic extremely relevant and the fact that you decided to depict our society’s reality in a painting, makes us notice technology’s strong impact even more than before. I would love to see a picture of your painting so that I can relate to your vision. 🙂

    Maria Clara

  2. Nicolas Pazmino

    I really liked your representation of what men look like now. And i completely agree with you we’ve created this sense of dependency on techonolgy and with out it us people from today would be lost in the “real world”. But now a question uprises would taking away al this technology dependance make the world a better or worse place


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