The meaning of photography

What is photography? Is it a profession, a hobby, a way of life? A photo can be more powerful than words, but not every picture has such influence. An image can change not only the life of people who see and appreciate the image, but also the life of photographers and subjects. Being a passionate photographer means giving everything you have in exchange for a picture. Some photographers have to risk their lives in order to take the perfect photo, while others may be lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. Perhaps sometimes they even have to decide whether to take a picture or not, because it may bring many consequences. There is a famous case about an award -winning photographer who committed suicide after taking a picture. He was a South African photojournalist called Kevin Carter, who took a picture of a starving child in Sudan who was being watched by a vulture. He won a Pulitzer Price, but would later be heavily criticized for not helping the child. After the ongoing criticism, he committed suicide at the age of 33 due to depression.
While many romanticize the idea of a photographer, what many people do not realize is how incredibly difficult it also can be. Apart from watching shocking moments you have to capture those moments perfectly so that the picture transmits a message and speaks by itself.
By: Camila Haldemann
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