Ingredients of a Team by Sofia Moncayo and Alejandra Jaramillo

girls volleyballWe are Sofia Moncayo and Alejandra Jaramillo. We belong to the Junior Varsity Volleyball team. We have three excellent trainers in Volleyball, Juan Carlos, Patricia and last but not least, German. The girls’ main coach is Juan Carlos. He is in charge of the girls’ volleyball team. German teaches the boys’ team and Patricia is their assistant. We have one captain in each category. In our category, which is Junior Varsity, Alejandra Jaramillo is our captain. On the Varsity team, Alegria Vasconez is the captain. Last year, we were very few; in fact, there was not a Varsity team. Now this year, Junior Varsity won the first place in the Quizza Tournament; in addition, Varsity won second place in Quizza. In September, the ASSA tournament appeared. The Varsity team was in charge of this tournament. Juan Carlos, our coach, also decided to take four more players from the Junior Varsity team as substitutes. Our volleyball team has tried very hard to compete and earn our place with city recognition. We train all days and try extremely hard. One may think volleyball is a very easy sport, but once you start playing it, you will realize it is not. Indeed, we first thought this same way. However, we realize it takes endurance, skill, and determination to become a top player.  Additionally, you have to know all the strategies and methods volleyball has. Beyond strategy, volleyball is, indeed, a team sport. As famous athlete, Kareem Adbul-Jabbar, once highlighted, “One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team.”

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