Work Hard to Play Hard by Juan David Ledesma and Fabian Eguiguren

volley teamWhen you are in a sport, such as football, basketball or track and field, everyone is for themselves, but in volleyball, the six players act as one. The stress during the games is incredibly high, for you cannot screw up anything. If there is not a perfect defense, the setter cannot position the ball for the attackers; therefore, the other team could respond with a stronger attack and win the point. Everyone has to complete his role perfectly in order to actually play volleyball.

As the coach German always says, “If there is no perfect defense, there is no attack and that is when we start playing ping pong instead of volleyball.” It is very hard to be on the team because only the most skilled players get selected to play. We actually have nine players in total, all ready to demonstrate their talents. Also, the coach´s methods are very harsh and strict both physically and emotionally. However, the hard work is compensated. In fact, this is the first year that Menor has won the one sub-16 Copa Amistad tournament of volleyball. Also, we are currently playing in the Americano Tournament.

It is an honor to be a member of the team, for not many people are qualified and many others give up after a couple of weeks of strenuous training. Even though it is a stressing and hard environment, it is worth it, for the best moments of our lives have passed during a practice or on the bus going to a match. For all of you interested in joining the team, we welcome you proudly!

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