My Top 10 Favorite Books of All Time

By: Martina Albuja

During the last few years, I´ve read an assortment of books. There has been some that I´ve really liked and some that I haven´t. Most of them are fantasy and fiction books, since those are my favorite. This is a list of my top 10 favorite books of all time.

# 10 Gregor the Overlander – By: Suzanne Collins

gregor the overlander

The first of a series of five books, Gregor the Overlander narrates the story of an eleven – year –old boy that following his little sister Boots falls through a grate in the laundry room of his building and ends up in Underland. There he meets a world were rats, cockroaches, rats and humans coexist and where a prophecy has been written about Gregor. A prophecy that proclaims he will play a role in the Underland’s future; a role that will help him solve the mystery of his father’s disappearance. I really liked this book and its characters. It was full of mystery and adventure that made me stay at the edge of my seat. The world that Collins has created is unique in its own way. An imaginary world where rats, cockroaches, spiders and humans are equal makes it even more interesting, and even though it’s an invention, everything plays out nicely and doesn’t seem out of place. Even though there’s a conclusion to the adventure and prophecy, the book leaves you wondering about a new prophecy and when Gregor will return to the Underland. A book that you won´t stop reading; I will recommend it to young readers that enjoy an adventure with a little bit of mystery.

4 out of 5 stars  

# 9 Airborn – By: Kenneth Oppel


Matt Cruse is a cabin boy on the Aurora, a giant airship that sails through the world carrying passengers from one city to another. One night he meets an old dying man that tells him about creatures that live in a world in the skies, but he is not convinced and thinks the man is mad. It’s only when he meets Kate De Vries, the granddaughter of the old man that he starts believing on the things the old man told him. He then embarks in an exciting adventure in a world that’s filled with airships, pirates and extraordinary creatures.  An excellent book; I really enjoyed the imaginary world that Oppel created, a world that exists in the skies, a world that most people are unaware of. I really loved Matt and Kate’s character and how their friendship and relationship evolved throughout the book. Both are really lovable characters that make you want to continue reading the story. At I first, when I started reading the book, I wasn’t so sure if I wanted to continue as it started pretty slow, but as the book progressed it got much more interesting until I couldn’t stop turning the pages. A unique book that I would recommend to any reader that enjoys fantasy and adventure, it’s the first of a trilogy of books that I’ll also recommend that you read.

4.2 out of 5 stars 

# 8 To Kill a Mocking Bird – By: Harper Lee

to kill a mockingbird

Centered in Maycomb, a small town in Alabama, the story follows the life of a small girl, Scout as she grows up surrounded by her brother Jem, her father Atticus, her friend Dill and the people of Maycomb. As Scout grows she faces problems dealing with Boo Radley, a man who never comes out of his house and Tom Robinson’s trial a black man accused of raping a woman who Atticus has to defend, as she learns about prejudice and racism that exist on the town. It is a classical and deeply moving book that I really enjoyed and from which I learned a lot about human behavior and prejudice in the 1930s. The characters are all unique in their own way and so interesting to follow as they develop and grow up. Told through Scout’s voice, the reader is able to experience a lot of dramatic experiences from an innocent point of view. The book starts a bit slow and I found it a little bit difficult to follow, but as it progressed, I got totally engaged. A book I will never forget, I recommend it to any reader who enjoys a dramatic and moving story.

4.4 out of 5 stars   

# 7 The Maze Runner – By: James Dashner

the maze runner

The first of a trilogy of books and my favorite of all three, The Maze Runner follows the story of a boy, Thomas, who wakes up in the Glade, an open space surrounded by a maze, with no memory except for his name. The maze that surrounds the Glade is filled with dangers and is always changing, making it impossible to find a way out of it. In the Glade, Thomas meets Newt, and Alby and many other boys that have also been sent to the maze, and who have no memory of who they are or why they are there. The only thing they know is that they have to find a way out, but when a girl arrives, the first girl ever, everything starts to change. Now Thomas will have to find a way to get out of the maze before it is too late. I really enjoyed this book, and couldn’t stop reading as the mystery that surrounds the maze and the boy´s identities, keeps you turning page after page. The characters were well developed and likable and the mystery surrounding the maze was really interesting and kept me wanting to find out more.  Sometimes the book went a little slow, but apart from that it was really good. I´ll recommend it to any young reader that enjoys books similar to the Hunger Games or Divergent.

4.4 out of 5 stars  

 # 6 The Hunger Games – By: Suzanne Collins

the hunger games

Situated were the United States used to be, Panem is a country that is made out of a Capitol and 12 surrounding districts. To avoid further rebellions, and to show the Capitol´s power, each district has to give one boy and one girl every year to participate in the Hunger Games. A game where all tributes are forced to fight till death, and the one that survives until the end will be the winner. When Katniss´ sister Prim is chosen as a tribute for District 12, Katniss volunteers and takes on her place, and along Peeta, the other District 12 tribute, she will have to find a way to survive and defeat the other district´s tributes if she wants to stay alive. I really enjoyed this book, and from the first sentence I couldn´t keep from turning page after page, as the story gradually became better and better. Both Katniss and Peeta were very likable characters and I really liked reading how their relationship changed and grew. The whole idea of the Hunger Games was really unique and interesting, and it kept me on my seat as I wondered what was going to happen next. I would recommend this book to any young reader that enjoys adventure and books about dystopian societies and I´ll also recommend reading the other two books of the series.

4.5 out of 5 stars  

# 5 Divergent – By: Veronica Roth


The first of a trilogy of books, and the best in my opinion, the book follows Beatrice Prior a girl who lives in dystopian Chicago were society is divided into five factions: Abnegation, Candor, Amity, Dauntless and Erudite. Every year all sixteen year olds have to choose what faction they want to be part of. When Beatrice from Abnegation turn comes, she is forced to choose between her family and who she really is. As she makes her decision, that will forever change her life, she will have to prove herself as she attempts to pass initiation while keeping a secret that if revealed could get her killed. One of the best books that I have read, I really enjoyed reading about the different factions and how Beatrice, who changes her name to Tris, goes through initiation, meets new people and is soon entangled in an adventure. I really liked all the characters, especially Tris and Four. I would recommend this book to any young reader fan of the Hunger Games or books about adventures and dystopian societies.

4.6 out of 5 stars  

 # 4 Legend – By: Marie Lu


In what was once the United States and what is now the Republic lives June and Day. From two different worlds, June is a prodigy of the republic and part of a wealthy family, while Day, born in the poor sectors, is the most wanted criminal of the Republic. Their paths weren’t supposed to cross until June´s brother is murdered, and Day becomes the prime suspect. As June tries to avenge her brother´s death, her path will cross with Day, but a sudden turn of events will bring them together as June discovers the truth about the Republic and her brother´s murder. I really enjoyed reading the book, and how Day´s and June´s relationship changed and grew. The mystery surrounding the Republic and the murder of June´s brother really got my attention, and as I continued reading I couldn´t believe it as all the pieces came together and made sense. At first I wasn´t sure about the book since it started kind of slow, but as it progressed it became much more interesting. I would really recommend this book to any reader who enjoys a love story mixed with mystery and adventure.

4.8 out of 5 stars  

# 3 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – By: J.K. Rowling

harry potter

The beginning of one of the best series of books that I have ever read, and the first of seven books, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer´s Stone follows the life of Harry Potter, a boy who miserably lives with her aunt and uncle with no idea of who he really is. When an owl arrives with a letter inviting him to attend Hogwarts School, his life is turned upside down as he discovers that he is really a wizard. Filled with invisibility capes, magic mirrors, magical sports, and a three headed dog, his year at school will be something he´ll never forget as he uncovers truths and struggles to save the school and survive along his new friends, Hermione and Ron. I really love fantasy books, and I especially loved this book since it´s filled with magic. Her personality and the way she is and acts made Hermione my favorite character of the entire book. I had only watched the movies before I read the book, and I hadn´t really been interesting on reading them, but when at last I decided to read it, I knew I had been missing out on an excellent book. I would recommend this book and all the other books of the series to any reader that loves fantasy, magic and adventure.

4.9 out of 5 stars  

# 2 Percy Jackson: The Lighting Thief – By: Rick Riordan

The Lightining Thief

Percy Jackson had always been a troubled kid, moving from boarding school to boarding, until one field trip where his pre –algebra teacher turns into a monster and tries to kill him. When Percy´s mother finds out about the incident, she decides it is time to tell him the truth about who he is and who his father is, and sends him to Camp – Half Blood, a camp for demigods, where he discovers that his father is Poseidon, God of the sea. Soon Percy is tangled in a theft as he is unfairly accused of stealing Zeus’ master bolt. Now along with his friends Annabeth and Grover, he´ll have to set on a quest to the Underworld to uncover the truth and prevent a war between the gods. This book, and the other four books that complete the series, are one of my favorite books of all time that I´ve read more than five times each. The characters, humor, plot and the way Greek mythology is intertwined with the real, modern world makes this book much more interesting. I would recommend this book to any young reader that likes mythology, and adventure.

5 out of 5 stars  

# 1 The Heroes of Olympus: Blood of Olympus – By: Rick Riordan

The Blood of Olympus

After all the struggles and obstacles the Greek and Roman demigods of the Argo II have surpassed, they are still a long way from defeating Gaea, the Earth mother. Her children, the giants have all risen, and the demigods only have a few days before the Feast of Spes to defeat Gaea before she sacrifices two demigods and uses their blood, the blood of Olympus, to rise again. They have sacrificed and suffered a lot already and without the gods’ help it seems almost impossible to win, but if they don’t stop Gaea, Roman and Greek demigods will go to war, and if Gaea wakes, it’ll be too late. This is the last book, the conclusion, of my two favorite series of all times. The first started with The Lightening Thief, were Greek mythology was introduced. In the second series, with this book being the last, Roman mythology was also put into the mixture, making it ten times better. During the course of the series, I fell in love with the characters, and after finishing this book, it was hard to say goodbye. To read this book and really understand it, I’ll recommend that any young reader interested in adventure, mythology, action, comedy and romance reads not only this book, but the whole series. It’s worth it!

5 out of 5 stars  

This is the list of my favorite books. I hope you found something that interested you and caught your attention, and that you now want to read!

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