Cosmic Serpents

-By Geronimo Burneo

skip 6
The band Skip&Die is originally Dutch, but they get their inspiration from south America and the middle east. Their electronic sound mixes with endemic rhythms creating masterpieces. It makes you want to stand up and dance like if there´s no tomorrow. The band front woman is named Cata pirate. She is polyglot and seductive. She always provokes audiences with her eccentric hair styles and exotic hair chromes. I will sensitively explore the new album. Cosmic serpents is a collection of memories and happenings, since 2013 it has been recorded in various countries around the world; Brazil, Egypt, Argentina, Colombia, La Reunion Island, South Africa, Portugal, and the Netherlands. This multinational album is rich and dynamic in a variety of cultures.

Cosmic Serpents is composed of 13 tracks, including intros and interludes. The first single that was released was Space Girls, with a very colorful and interplanetary video set in various regions in a different world. This brought the galactic atmosphere to the new album. The second single that followed was Cosmic Serpents. This video brought the band back to Earth, but they brought all the psychedelic tricks they learned in outer space

The album starts with an intro named “la isla psicotropica”. The melody has an open metric. Waves break the silence and you can hear a tropical atmosphere. Then a guitar riff continues the melody. After a couple of seconds there is a beat drop that has a sticky rhythm. Tskip 2he tropical sounds are used to create the rhythm. There is silence again and you can here an alarm. The muffled word cosmic is repeated in different tone. Then the song “cosmic serpents” start. The main instruments are a guitar and some metallic drums. The vocals are warm and funky. The song is written in both English and Spanish. The next song is named “mayola magic” featuring Lindigo. He preforms the chorus in a foreign language and Cata sings in Portuguese. It has intense drums and a stable rhythm. “perpetual war” follows it has a reggae start with more metallic drums. Then there is an electronic rhythm that takes over, the song in not very energetic. The first interlude in the album is titled “Wake up”. It starts low and using a rooster sound and a low bass rhythm they capture your energy and explode it in the next song “space girls” which is completely electronic and some soft xylophpne percussion. When this song is done there is another interlude named “el apocalipsis” which features Cata singing in a water fall anskip 5d narrating that the jungle is shaking and that the apocalypse is starting, the whole interlude is in Spanish. The next song is my personal favorite “mami wata” using frogs as a background then there is more metallic percussion and a big deep drum. The vocals are low but it is accompanied with monkey sounds. Then a sipper makes the harmony and a ukulele plays the melody. At the end of the song there is the signature skip&die sound which is an elevator ringing. The next two songs are very rock and roll with some bass. I personally don’t like the vocals of these songs because it looses the tropical adventure. The last song is named youth with a skull. The song is the longest one in the album being of seven minutes and 20 seconds. It is the slowest one and includes large amounts of wave sounds.

Cosmic Serpents:

Space Girls:

Cosmic Serpents Live:


skip 4

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