Fast and Furious 7, the King of the Furious

May 12, 2015.

By: Joaquin Davalos

The so anticipated ¨Fast and Furious 7¨, released on April 2 of the present year. So far it has been a blast, making over $1.429 billion dollars in the box office. According to IMDb, it is the 6th highest box office in the history of film industry. Why did Furious 7 double the earning of Furious 6? Did Paul Walkers death call the attention of the world? Or did everyone just want to see how the sequel gave a last goodbye to Paul?

The movie starts with Owen Shaw´s brother hacking into Hobbs office. After a fight, Shaw sends Hobbs to the hospital with a broken leg and arm. Toretto, O´Conner, Rome, Tej and Letty start working with the secret service on a mission to recuperate a hostage, held by a terrorist group that had connections with Shaw. The hostage, a hacker, had ¨The Gods Eye¨, a system that could locate any person around the globe through satellites and cameras from streets. With ¨Gods Eye¨, they would be able to locate Shaw in a matter of minutes and send him to jail. The movie is a must watch for all drama lovers, since it is fulfill of suspension and full of intrigue of knowing what will happen next.

As many are aware, Paul Walker died without finishing some of the scenes. The franchise hired Paul´s brothers to do stand-ins and Peter Jackson, from Weta Digitals, for recreating Paul´s voice and face. By choosing perfect camera angles and lighting, the scenes were finished. This expensive technology is why the budget of the movie is the highest of all seven movies. The film has received positive feedback by some of the most important critiques in film industry. IMDb gave the movie a 7.9/10, and rotten tomatoes gave it 82%. The film is set to be a protagonist of The Academy Awards of 2016, probably being nominated for many awards. Will Paul Walker be finally recognized for his work after his death just like many artists? We will have to wait and see.


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