James Blunt in Ecuador.

James Hiller Blount is the birth name for the famous British songwriter known to his fans as James Blunt. He was born February 22, 1974 in Tidworth, Wiltshire, London. He comes from a military family. As soon as he went to college he decided to join the military himself. Several months later he realized that his passion was in music, and began composing his own songs in his free time. In 2003 Linda Perry decided she was the one who would make him famous, and indeed did so in 2004 she signed his up for a new record. She indeed got him his first record deal with James Blunt and his first album came out that spring called “ Back to Bedlam” which was in the beginning wasn’t that great of a hit until in 2005 he published his most famous song “ You’re beautiful” dedicated to his ex girlfriend, when he saw her with her new boyfriend. His last album was released in 2013 called “Moon Landing”.

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James Blunt came to Ecuador March 19,2015 at the Teatro Agora de la Cultura. The concert began at 8 pm. The show had perfect sound, and had a great view of the band. The lights changed during each song, and most of the time they had calm blue and purple colors. In the concert he played his most famous songs (“Postcards”, “ You’re beautiful”, “ Bonfire Heart, etc. This was one of the most popular concerts in Ecuador since he has a lot of fans in here, from various ages. The concert had a varied cost; general $39.00, preferencia $69.00, VIP $ 89.00. To promote the concert, all over town there were adds on buses on “ musicalismo” entrance where the tickets were sold and many more places. Personally before going to the concert I was so excited, since the day I found out he was coming. While being in the concert, on the fourth line we could hear and see everything perfectly, the lights were not so bright but it illuminated the whole show, with a great sound that every word was heard. Almost by the end of the concert he came almost form 3 meters or less from us, I could feel all my body feeling with joy and not being able to move by the emotion. In the end we were interviewed and appear on T.V, as well many Ecuadorian newspapers had reviews and summaries about how the concert went. In the end I couldn’t find ay hater for this concert, or at least on what I read. He came one day before of the concert and there he took a picture with a “ poncho” that many people saw, as well had some interviews and the fan club went and took pictures with him. He spend only two days in Ecuador since he had to continue his tour, in the concert he gave some encouraging word on how he got here to Ecuador. Like every other country he went it was just a practice until he got here. The concert over all had a fun and entertaining atmosphere, but as well with his sad songs it put many fans to cry and feel related to the songs he played.

4 Responses to “James Blunt in Ecuador.”

  1. elbarriostaff

    The purpose of the article was clearly highlighted with the descriptions the author used. The author wanted to portray the idea that the artist James Blunt succeeded in Ecuador with his concert. When I was reading this rticle it maked me feel excited, because the author enjoyed the concert and also appeared on TV which demonstrates her interested attitude on going to this concert. The use of the vivid vocabulary makes the audience feel more interested on the topic. I liked the article´s tone and the content, I think in an overal is a great article.
    Ma. Alejandra Narvaez

  2. elbarriostaff

    What I understood from reading this article, is that James Blunt s concert was fascinating. The enviroment of the concert was tranquil, and full of lights and different emotions, varing form sadness to happiness. The songs that he sang were very emotive and that influenced a lot of the comments that the conert got afterwards. I could really feel in the concert, because of how the author describes her adrenaline and emotion during the concert. Maria Paz Troncoso

  3. elbarriostaff

    From what I understand the article is about a bit of background information of the singer and then a brief review of the concert. I think that the background information helps the reader understand about the singer. Especiall, if you´ve never heard of james blunt. I enjoyed the review because you can feel the emotion from the writer. I also really like james blunt, which made me intrested in this article. I felt like if I was in the concert and if I could actually hear him singing. From what I can see he sang the most popular songs he has,which obviously made this a succesful concert.
    Andrea Pasmay

  4. elbarriostaff

    I was lucky to attend the concert and your details and analysis of the concert are precise. Your article, specifically your details make me feel like I am there once again. I love how you introduce the readers to the artist; giving them a background of who he is important, it makes the reader fall into the article quicker. It is a good article and I really liked it.

    Joaquin Davalos


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