The Importance of Field Trip.

Every one of us learns in a different way than the rest of us.

There are several types of learners such as visual, kinetic, auditory. I remember when I was in eighth grade my teacher made us do a self-evaluation about how we learn. After answering all the twenty-four questions required, I got kinesthetic as my answer. Kinesthetic means that people learn best when moving. They are also called the “hands-on learner”. We learn more when movement is involved.

Going on field trips throughout the school year can be a very effective way of teaching kids, and making them learn in a different way. Usually for kinetic learners these trips help them because they can touch stuff, or do activities that will make them learn. For visual and kinetic learns going to a field trip such as a museum can be very helpful there are many exposed things that they can see or touch and they will remember.

Each year until grade eight we have these academic field-trips. These field trips consist on going somewhere for like three days. Every year we went to different places, and we did different activities. Before going teachers explained that what we had learn will be applied in this trips. After having these amazing field-trips we had the Academic Night, in which we presented the projects we had done during the field-trip. These projects depicted the connection between our learning in class and how we connected in the outside world,

Having these types of excursions is very useful in many ways. One of the major things it does, is it teaches us how we can apply what we have been learning in real life. Also it benefits because it changes the learning environment, which is a lot more interesting because we are used to sitting in a class for forty five minutes taking notes on a power point. Another very important characteristic from these types of journeys is that we learn about the culture, religion or the way people live from that place. Having this excursions not only do students get something out of it, the community can also receive support if the field trip consists on doing community service. Going on trips also help students see life from a different perspective. They experience new stuff, also it can help students see what they want do when growing up.

Maria Paz Troncoso

2 Responses to “The Importance of Field Trip.”

  1. elbarriostaff

    We can apreciate the purpose of the article along all the text. The auhtor wants to bring up the importance of field trips and how this can help to the learning of students. I wan to know if this article is promoting the field trip acitivities in the school? I think this is a unique topic and the idea will make people reflect on how this can be a good and different way of learning. I liked the complex vocabulary and the strong facts the author provided.
    Ma. Alejandra Narvaez

  2. elbarriostaff

    The purpose of this article is telling about the importance of the field trips and how it is a better way to study. Now all the field trips has changed and by this article we can see how it is really necessary to bring them back, not only because it is a fun way but also because we can interact with nature o what ever we are learning. I liked this article because i relate with it, I agree with bringing back those field trips. It was well written and we could see all of her points on why they are important.
    Paula C.


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