The not so fight of the century.

Mayweather and Pacquiao finally facing off in combat.

By Felipe Sanchez Restrepo

The fraud of the decade and a disappointment boxing fans are not going to forget. Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao: two names that have defined the boxing sport. The biggest star in the Philippines and the better paid sportsman in the world finally faced off in a battle that fans had been waiting for years. The lights of Las Vegas were all focused in one spot that night, but the final result was not as expected.  Once it was over, the public did not wait to bring their feelings of dissatisfaction into social media labeling the fight as: boring, slow and uninteresting. They also complained on the final result. Most of the fans agree that the winner of the showdown was truly Manny Pacquiao instead of Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Mayweather evaded Pacquiao for most of the fight; he played defensive and only went directly against him in very few occasions. Even when this makes sense from the fighter’s stand point it quickly became tedious to watch.


One may argue that the expectations for the event were way too high for its own good. Conflicts with the organization of the fight and splinted interests from both parts had been delaying the fight continually for more than six years. From hardcore followers of the sport to casual viewers the fight was more hyped than it should have ever been in the first place. Controversy was just beginning as Mayweather has been accused of beating his wife and being a cheater, but the true problems started to fall into Pacquiao as it became known that he had been fighting with an injured arm. Pacquiao was hiding this and it is very possible that he is going to have to pay a millionaire sum of money for not telling anyone as he should had done. The public also has accused Mayweather of somehow knowing this and taking advantage of it, but this remains unconfirmed. As it turns out these rumors have been more interesting than the battle itself, but most of them are just pure speculation.


As the public screams for a rematch both boxers are ready to hang the gloves. Floyd Mayweather will be having one more fight and then he will retire. If he wins this will mark the end of a flawless campaign and even when he is not the first one to achieve this it is something he is very proud for. Manny Pacquiao is also ready to leave the sport; he will go back to his native Philippines and introduce himself into the world of politics. This is a huge shift from what he has been doing the last few years. Many still don’t picture Pacquiao as a politician, but he is very excited with the change.

floyd vs manny

60 seconds: the time it took for all the tickets of the fight to get sold.

400 million dollars: the amount of money the event made

200 million dollars: the amount of money Mayweather had insured before the fight.

48 fights: the number of fights Mayweather has finished to this date without losing.

Extra curiosity: The Mexican anthem was played before the match, even though neither of the fighters were Mexican. The public is still wondering why did this happen.

Final score: Mayweather 115-113 Pacquiao.

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