Selfie: is a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically taken with a smartphone, and uploaded to various social media sites.


Over the past few years the selfie trend has extended and evolved all over the world. At the beginning it was not really a problem, but now that social media is part of our lives, there has been more notable cases of selfies gone wrong. Selfies kept evolving in the most weird and humiliating ways, like the so-called selfie stick, the duck face, the extreme close up, etc. but jut recently a new trend involving selfies appeared, its name, rooftopping.

Don’t get me wrong, though this artistic movement is not new; actually there is a book from 1973 called The Night Climbers of Cambridge, which is full of photographs of agile young man climbing drainpipes over fences and balancing atop of the old colleges. It is NOT a new movement it is a new trend.

Rooftopping it’s the most creative heart-stopping photography movement that has ever existed. It involves thrill-seeking photographers climbing to the top of the biggest skyscrapers and taking vertigo inducing selfies including the spectacular view beneath them. Rooftopping combines photography and parkour the best of both worlds.


Tom Ryaboi is one of the crusaders of rooftopping. He is from Toronto, Canada and the 27 year old has climbed over 100 buildings and made the most stunning photographs. Tom Ryaboi said “It’s addictive and I am always looking for a higher roof in the city. But I still feel the buzz whenever I reach the top and feel the wind. It’s a pure rush of adrenaline.”

Keep an eye and look out, maybe you’ll see this thrill-seeking daredevils climbing on to your building.

For more pictures visit:

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