The amazing Indian mystery

By Sophie Bronsil

The photographs I chose are two inspiring photos I took in India. India is a country full of colors, culture, poverty, faith and for sure lots of beauty. Something I want to demonstrate through these photos is the rough life many people have in a country with one of the biggest populations in the world. Even though they live in a country full of splendor, many are too worried searching for money to be able to eat in order to appreciate it. Under each picture is my interpretation of what some people must feel like during their daily lives.


On the rush of getting in the bus, I turned around to appreciate this charming street once more. Seeing the colors of the tuc tucs, the amount of people concentrated near the markets, the telephone lines wanting to reach the floors of the street, the tree in the background, and so much more represented in this image I couldn’t resist the urge of a picture. The contrast of the white on the floor and on many people’s clothes with the colors like the ladies’ sari in the front and the bright red tuc tuc portrayed a great shot. The light blue sky making everything underneath so bright helps the picture. The movement captured in one shot showing the hurry everyone has to move around in such a busy city like is New Delhi.

The sole of my shoe is almost completely eaten by the floor that seems famished at the speed it consumes it. My feet start feeling the heat that irradiates from the ground that has been exposed to the sun the whole day. I’m tired of the sound of all the honks and people talking to each other not being able to enjoy a moment of peace. Everything so loud around me like every day since New Delhi doesn’t know what quiet sounds like. After one honk stops another one starts and when I’m not lucky, many start honking at the same time, when I think it’s finally over I hear the cow mooing as loud as she can. Though I feel blessed every time I hear the cow moo, it is one more thing to add on the noisy street. There’s a market! I have to go quick before the end of the day where people are tired and they are in a bad mood putting everything at a more expensive price. With my 65 rupees I will pray the seller is generous to be able to have enough for my eight children waiting desperately at home after not having a bite of food for three days. I can’t stand my feet anymore; I keep walking with my legs barely holding me up. When I finally reach the market, my eyes stare down after seeing there is a long line of people waiting. Knowing I will have to stand up for one hour and if I’m lucky will still have some food left for me. If I’m not lucky, I will go back home and stare in to my children’s eyes looking at me trying to hold tears in not showing me how hungry they are. They pray each night for our family to be blessed and to be able to have a little food for the next day.


In the tranquil ambiance of the Ganges River, I was able to revisit a bit of who I am. Many places are peaceful, I agree, but I’ve never been in one as peaceful as this one. As always the variety of colors isn’t missing, from the parasols, to the monks in orange, to the yellow flags waving hello and to the pink columns like those of a little girls room. Even though this picture was taken at 6am, the sun wasn’t there to help me. Despite this, the picture reflects the beauty of the Ganges River that radiates on its own.

I consider myself one of the lucky ones being able to live at the edges of the Ganges River. I know that Shiva always protects my family and me. Once a week, I get up really early to be able to have the river for myself. I have never felt confortable when people watch me during my peacetime with Shiva. 5 am is not early enough since the tourists already start coming. 4 am has all the early risers getting ready for work. This is why I’m ready to leave my house at 3 am. I have a five-minute walk down to the river. Once I get there, I look around to make sure nobody is awake yet. Sometimes, the river is so calm it seems as if even Shiva is still sleeping. The days that I am lucky, and I’m the only one, I slowly remove my pieces of clothing one by one. I set them carefully on the same rock I have trusted for years. When I feel the water touch my body, I feel more alive than ever. The current pushes me backwards with little strength allowing me to stay put. Nevertheless, it is strong enough to remove all the dirt from inside my nails making them as white and clean as pearls. Every pore that holds my hair is filled a little more as I submerge my head inside the water. My hair revitalizes touching the water after a long time of being in a drought. My skin has goose bumps, as it is too long in the chilly water before dawn. Soon my heaven will be over and I will have to go back home and wait another week to return to this moment of peace.

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