by Andrea Jara Reyes

“Dia del Libro” is celebrated every 23rd of April. This date is commemorated because of the death of Miguel de Cervantes, who is one of the most influential novelist, poet and playwright and also because of the death of William Shakespeare. So in honor for this coincidence, in 1995 UNESCO established this date as the international day of the book.

We celebrated this date in Colegio Menor with a nice evening meeting surrounded by music, poems, dramatizations, and literature. With candles surrounding the stage, students and teachers went to the stage to make an astonish presentation. The sequence was the same; first the hosts gave a little introduction to the next person going to the stage. A poem from Neruda, then a story from Edgar Allan Poe, followed by many other writers from Latin America and the rest of the world was recited to the audience. After each of the poems a song followed. A little bar section was visited by all of the audience, it had donuts, cookies, cake, tea and coffee. The environment was so calm and romantic. While eating a little donut, a story from Edgar Allan Poe was recited. Evenings like this one are the ones that make my days better, they bring we peace and warmth.

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