“Its Kind of a Funny Story” Review


Depression and suicide are realities that pass as unperceived in our daily lives. Although this two are major factors that affect billions of people it’s rare that someone speaks up for it. It’s Kind of a Funny Story written by Ned Vizzini is a novel that without any boundary or limit expresses both of these problems. Vizzini the author of this great text narrates his personal experience as a teenager; in fact the story is inspired in his own dilemmas in his teen years.

The main character of the novel is called Craig Gilner. He suffers from depression, he has visited countless doctors and psychiatrics but nothing seems to work out for him. Dr. Minerva is Craig’s current doctor which is medicating him and seeing him once in a week. Craig is starting high school at a very demanding school; Executive Pre-Professional. The strong pressure from school combined with the pressure from part of his father makes everything more stressful for him. Putting aside all the problems carried with school, he has a crush on Nia, and the issue with this is that Nia is girlfriend of Craig’s best friend, Aaron. Still is hard for Craig not to feel anything for her, she is the person who he identifies the most since she also takes medication for depression. Even though Craig tries to battle his depression he does not get to anywhere. The last alternative he had was to check him in a hospital. From that point along is where all his adventures start. He begins discovering life and learns a lot. In the hospital Craig meets Bobby, he as a patient there too. Both form a relationship quickly and Craig looks up to him as a guide.

Ned Vizzini finality was to reach people and remind everyone about reality.  We live in a bubble were all our surroundings seem under control and normal when it’s all a lie. We live in a sort of fantasy; we invent our own lies of an ideal world. With this book Vizzini tries to capture the attention of readers from ages 14 and above to recall this issues that affect many people worldwide and there is nothing being done for it. Teen’s depression has a shocking rate of cases which end in suicide. Our society is very judgmental, we critique people not knowing their background and perhaps we are making their situation even worse.

In conclusion this book was an incredible opportunity to have a closer look to the daily life of a person suffering of depression. At all times you feel engaged with the book and it’s very easy to follow it. I do recommend this book to everyone that likes to face and be reminded of issues in the real life.

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