Love Triangle of Doom

Dear: Dr. Love,

I don’t know what to do anymore!! My life is falling to pieces and I know I am being probably overdramatic but still this is really tough for me. Right now I am dating this amazing guy who cares so much for me and I am starting to fall for him, but his best friend is really possessive of him. It scares me that he is going to choose her over me, even though she has a boyfriend of her own. I am afraid his best friend is into him as well. Honestly, I believe she is better than me, what should I do?

With love,


Dear: Sasha,

The basic pillar for having an amazing relationship is to trust your partner, without trust there’s no future in your relationship. You need to start trusting your partner in all the aspects of a relationship. You can’t oppress them and force them to do everything with you, they need their space honey. You need to understand that even though you are two now he or she is a free individual who deserves his privacy. I know it’s going to be hard for you because you love him with your whole life but he also has past life before you.

You should express your fears and concerns to him, if he loves you he is going to really understand you and help fortify the relationship. Probably his best friend is just acting possessive of him because she’s scared that he is going to get hurt, probably is just a fraternal more type of love. If you see that the girl best friend is happy with her boyfriend you shouldn’t be scared of their relationship. Like I said before TRUST is the basic pillar for any loving relationship, trust your partner.

About your self-esteem issues he chose you over her, which says a lot about everything! You should try not to compare with her; you are two different persons that have different needs and different souls. If you start comparing to her you will start stressing a lot so don’t do it, be yourself. Be amazing, be brave, love and most of all be trustworthy! Earn his trust; learn his fears, his goals and his desires this way he will see that he already has everything he needs in you. Don’t be scared of a friend embrace her and start calling her also your friend. Remember your boyfriends friends are also your friends.


Dr. Love

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