The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, My opinion

-By: Geronimo 

girlThe Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is a thrilling novel written by the Swedish author Steig Larson. The original title translates to English as Men Who Don’t Love Women. I think that the original tittle has a key word choice for what the novel really transmits. The main topics of the novel are; abusive male figures, patriarchy, corrupt courts, undertake of journalism, and violence against women.

During the first part of the book, the dominant theme is the corruption of big corporations and how this affects journalism. This channeled through the main character, Michael. After and article he wrote exposing embezzlement of the government´s money by the Weinstorm group, he is sentenced and claimed guilty of libel. He is forced to leave his magazine and to work for a rich old man of the Vanger family. He is ghostwriting his biography but at the same time he is investigating the case of her niece harriet who disappeared into thin air three decades ago.cabin girl with the dragon tattoo

Mikeal gets Lisbeth Salander´s help, and introverted private investigator with unique and mind-blowing methods. The main argument of the book is how males abuse women in different ways. This is written down within the story and expressed with different characters. This idea is strong and is an item for argument. The author not only included this for the amazing story, but to make readers aware of this dreadful abuse and it´s grave effect on morality.

The novel is written down in a manner that wraps your attention and thought flow. The story travels though your mind and forms an addiction. I could not expand further down with each character because I will be giving away key elements of the story, but what I can do is to express my healthy obsession with the book and the way that reading it was a transformation and a window from my reality.

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